Mission Statement


In January 2019, the current Board of the Hanseatic Model United Nations e.V. (HanseMUN) was elected.

HanseMUN Board of 2019/2020
HanseMUN Board of 2019/2020

The Board has the honor to further the society’s efforts in introducing students to international politics at large and the work of the United Nations (UN) in particular.

We live in a time in which it is more important than ever to pursue an intact global as well as peaceful community and to rely on diplomatic means and conduct. In a time in which we should challenge our ideas, listen to one another and engage in multicultural dialogue. In a time in which knowledge, strategic thinking and the right amount of compassion need to trump biased misconceptions, actions resulting from only following one’s agenda and straight-out hatred.

With that realization in mind, we have made it our mission to further these efforts in accordance with HanseMUN’s overall-goal:

The promotion of education and international understanding.

As members of the board we not only strive to create an academically stimulating environment in which students can refine first and foremost rhetorical and foreign language skills but also a welcoming atmosphere in which students are part of a community that is as diverse as it is inclusive.

We believe thatawareness of future global challenges makes today’s students the responsible leaders of tomorrow.

So how do we turn this vision into a reality? 

We organize the weekly Monday Sessions during the semester in which we debate some of the most pressing issues of our time.

We fund delegations to International Model United Nations Conferences all over Europe and beyond – an invaluable, unique opportunity to expand contacts and build friendships across political and cultural boundaries.

Apart from sending delegations to conferences, we also go on field trips to provide an insight into diplomacy in practice – for example to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Moreover, we collaborate with fellow MUN-societies: Most recently, we engaged HanseMUNers in one-of-a-kind transcontinental Crisis-Star-Wars-Simulation together with TAUMUN, the MUN-society of the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, that we hope to build on in future.

HamMUN 2018 Secretariat
HamMUN 2018 Secretariat

We invite you to become a member of HanseMUN e.V., to participate in our Monday-Sessions and ultimately to join one of our delegations -be that to our very own conference, Hamburg Model United Nations (HamMUN), or to a conference hosted in any other place in the world.

If you would like to learn more about the members of the current Board and about their respective ways of contributing to the society, please keep on reading.

We encourage you to stay tuned – via email or social media – and hope to see you soon in the MUN-circuit.