Past Delegations

In 2016, the Hansemun is very proud to report our presence at 3 of the largest international conferences in Europe.

WorldMUN in Rome, Italy

EuroMUN in Maastricht, Netherlands

HamMUN in Hamburg, Germany

We are proud to have been represented through 5 delegations on international conferences in 2015. In their reports, the delegates write about their experiences during the conferences.

MainMUN in Frankfurt, Germany

MuiMUN in Münster, Germany

MUN-IT in Tours, France

BriMUN in Bremen, Germany

EuroMUN in Maastricht, Netherlands

PiMUN in Paris, France

HolylandMUN in Herzliya, Israel

TAUMUN in Tel Aviv, Israel


In 2014 we sent delegations to the following MUN conferences:

NMUN in New York City, USA

EuroMUN in Maastricht, Netherlands

HolylandMUN in Tel Aviv, Israel

OstseeMUN in Flensburg, Germany/ Sønderborg, Denmark

CUIMUN in Cambridge, UK

Several generations of students have represented HanseMUN e.V. at conferences worldwide. Among these are:

IsraMUN in Tel Aviv, Israel

MUIMUN in Münster, Germany

OsloMUN in Oslo, Norway

NMUN in New York, USA