GÖMUN 2019 Delegate Report

The GöMUN conference took place from 13 June to 16 June 2019 on the topic „A bright future ahead? How to achieve prosperity in uncertain times“. Together with about 150 others, we spent four days debating different topics in different committees.

One delegate of us participated in the Disarmament and International Security Council (DISEC) that discussed the topics „Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons“ and „Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces After the Dissolvement of the INF-Treaty“. The focus was on the first topic. Several working groups developed in the course of the discussion. Many countries were in favor of denuclearization, but some were also strongly against. In the end, two resolutions were adopted. The second issue was discussed on the third and fourth day. Here, too, several fronts were formed. In the end, however, a resolution won a majority.

During the committee sessions, we were able to learn a lot. In addition to the working methods of international politics, rhetorical skills can also be developed during the conference. Furthermore, we got to know different cultures and gained exciting experiences by taking a look at things from a different point of view.

In the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) we discussed the Syrian Crisis and refugee’s routes towards Europe and also the problem of LGBTIQ refugees in access to European Countries. In the beginning, it was a new situation for the two of us who represented the countries Saudi-Arabia and Tunisia in this committee, because it was our very first MUN experience and we were very excited and didn’t really know what to expect. But some discussions and unmoderated caucuses later, we got used to this new experience and enjoyed putting into action what we learned during Monday Sessions in Hamburg and working together with other delegates to achieve the best results possible for the countries we represented in this committee.

GÖMUN 2019 Delegation

An important part of every MUN conference are of course also the socials. At these evening events, the participants could meet and get to know each other. The first day, a pub crawl took place to get to know Göttingen, which is a nice university city. For this purpose, the participants were divided into different groups, so we were able to meet delegates from other committees. The following day, there was a relaxed barbecue in the garden of the university. Some have been happy about the break and others talked about committee topics here as well and exchanged their opinions and ideas. The participants were also able to spend the last evening at the conference party.

All in all, the GöMUN Conference 2019 was a great and memorable experience and we are very grateful that we had the opportunity to participate.


Written by Vivienne, Janine and Sonja