MUIMUN Delegate Report 2019

Between the 23rd and the 27th of March a member of our Society had the pleasure of representing HanseMUN e.V. at   MuiMUN 2019 in Münster, Germany as one of the Chairs of the Economic and Social Council   This Year over 120 participants gathered in Münster to find negotiated   under the motto of „Point of no return? Altering the course towards a future that lasts.“ in eight different Committees.


Leah from HanseMUN and Aisha

The topics of the ECSOSOC were „Stimulating sustainable growth in countries recovering from natural disasters by promoting innovation, industry and infrastructure.“ and „Tackling the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Labour Force and the Economy.“ The Committee voted to debate the second Topic first, and quickly centered the discussion around Ethics and funding. After the first couple of days the Committee seemed to be stuck in everlasting consensus, but in the last two days the debate started to heat up, with finally passing a resolution on the last day, only shortly before the Closing Ceremony. The Conference itself was held at the beautiful „Schloss“ of the University of Münster, and every day of the Conference went really smooth, thanks to the amazing work of the Secretariat. The Social included a Champagne reception, a Bar tour, a Global-Village Party where delegates were encouraged to dress in traditional Clothing from their Home Country as well as bring some traditional food as well as a pub quiz. MuiMUN 2019 has been a great experience and we hope to return for MuiMUN 2020.