HamMUN Delegates reports

A delegation of 13 HanseMUN members participated as delegates at december’s HamMUN conference. Here are some first impressions of what they have written in their conference reports.

„My overall impression of the HamMUN conference was a very good one. It was my second MUN experience and again I got to know many different people from many different countries. As I was a member of the European Parliament I was able to gain an insight into the EU legislation process, which was in particular in regards to my law studies very interesting… [read more]Leonie Deppenkemper, European Parliament

„In my committee; the African Union; were people from all over the world for example Marocco, Israel and France. I was honored to discuss with them the Human Right Situation in Western Sahara and also the problem of child soldiers… [read more]Adina Herse, African Union

„Concerning the question if I was able to learn something from the conference, I want to remark three things:

  • The most important thing I learned is being open-minded towards other opinions and finding a compromise with people who don’t share my exact point of view. In several discussions, we found many solutions despite different opinions which is an important achievement.
  • The second important thing I learned were the rules in the European Parliament. Especially the voting procedure together with the Council of the European Union in the final session was new for me.
  • The third important thing is that I trained my Walzer dancing skills at the mask ball… [read more]Finn Kordes, European Parliament

„I got a better idea on how to spontaneously deal with problematic situations and that you cannot trust anybody. I guess that’s characteristically for a crisis. Additionally I got some knowledge about the situation in Mexico and the USA concerning drugs and practiced my English… [read more]Michelle Stitz, Crisis of Mexican Drug Cartells

„After an emotional debate about possible solutions on the conflict in Yemen, the failure of the draft resolution on Saturday evening lead to an emotional escalation. The striking use of Yemenite children to declare the opponents of the resolution inhuman and offences against the king of Morocco and the president of the Sudan lead to an atmosphere in which no delegate was sure whether he should laugh or cry…. [read more]Lukas Hoffmann, League of Arab States

„Together with twelve other judges, I spent the time from the 3rd to the 6th of December listening to the advocates speak up for their side on the issue of the United States of America potentially undertaking military and paramilitary activities in and against Nicaragua and then debating with my fellow judges… [read more]Melina Rebaum, International Court of Justice